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Some clients text or email us very heartfelt messages.  Here are a few below:


I hired Sarah as a hula dancer for an event. She was on punctual and polite and effortlessly graceful! My guest really enjoyed her performance! It was a pleasure working with her to help my vision come alive. Many people said that her dance was what really made the event spectacular. We have many international guests and we wanted them to experience authentic Hawaii culture and Sarah did an awesome job. She has so much aloha in her heart and her very presence embodies it! I highly recommend Super Hero Hula and Sarah's wonderful services to anyone! I saw that she also does private lessons and I think that would be very fun to try out! Mahalo Sarah for being such a delight to work with. We will be hiring her again for future events! Olivia Trask-Lopez, Founder of Lash Brow Cafe + Hawai`i’s 1st & only Lash Brow Competition

First of all, Sarah is an amazing teacher. I took lessons from her to learn a hula for my husband as a surprise at our wedding. I had never taken a dance class before and she made it so easy. She really took the time to best figure out my learning style, which is the mark of an excellent teacher. For my hula, she created a dance that was specific to the moves that I naturally do best. She took the time to teach me, not only the moves, but also the meaning behind the movements. This made such a difference in the intent and storytelling aspect of the hula, which is what I originally wanted to convey to my husband. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing and fun Sarah is as a teacher. She encourages and motivates in the perfect ways and the outcome is amazing. My husband was completely surprised and loved my hula on the wedding day. His family is Hawaiian and it meant so much to me that they appreciated the dance and all the work that went into it. They were really impressed and I have Sarah to thank for it. I recommend her 100% and am so grateful that she was my teacher!  Rachel R., purchased 8 hours of bridal hula lessons


It's been a few months since our wedding.  We've settled in and are sooo happy and in love Love LOVE.  I want to sincerely Thank You from the bottom of my heart for everything you did to help me prepare for the special Hawaii wedding hula.  I will never forget your patience, kindness, strength, inspiration, and sincerity.

You were able to take my two left feet and turn me into a hula dancer.  The way you taught a somewhat stiff awkward dancer to become fluid still baffles me.  Your support and help went above and beyond.  I am so happy and grateful to have found you.  Thank goodness for the internet.

It was so thoughtful of you to save the Thank You voicemail from (my husband) Richard about what you did for us and share it with me.  Not everyone would take the time or think of sharing that and it will be forever part of Our Wedding Story.

I can't say enough good things about what you...from the customized lessons, designing and putting together my phenomenal costume, and encouraging texts before showtime. :) You are truly beautiful inside and out.

You made it possible for me to do the hula at our reception which made my husband feel like he was marrying his fantasy come true.

Thank you Sarah!  You brought the beauty of hula to life and taught me to tell a story with my hands, hips, (which my hubby much appreciates) and heart.  I look forward to more lessons from my hula boot camp coach, my friend, when we're back on the islands.  Warmly,

Alyiissa N., Purchased 8 hours of private Hula Dance lessons on Oahu, then came back and ordered twice more


I am always surprised by Sarah. She is so cool.  I love her style and sense for Hula. I feel like I have been reborn. I was impressed by that.  Thank you so much.  

Michiko "Maile" F., Invested in Hula Course with Certificate and then ordered 5 more


Mrs. Hawaii after dancing Hawaii '78

Mrs. Hawaii after dancing Hawaii '78

Thank you so much for being the best teacher ever.  The show was last night and boy, it was a huge success.  I received so many compliments on the opening number. (Hula).  Everything went according to plan and the Bodybuilding competitors were really happy.  Thank you so much for everything, you made this dull star, shine so bright on stage.

Once again, thank you.
Mrs. Hawaii, Pebblz N.


Sarah - I enjoyed the hula experience with you so much that I am taking hula with a group here in NYC!  Thanks so much for the great vaca memories.  I am seriously falling in love with the music and stories too! I heard the teacher say there is a World Hula Competition in Hawaii in November 2016...maybe she will let me join in the back line!  I have gone to four classes only so obviously a very long way for me to go!  With the chants and movement--- oh my gosh, Sarah....what you do is so very hard!!! But I want to stick with it, it's so amazing to learn!! :) Me ke aloha, Moni S.

Dancing on the Waikiki Beach with Sarah was one of our highlight of our trip to Hawaii.  Sarah is a beautiful dancer and outstanding at engaging her clients and passing on the Aloha Spirit.  We had a magical time and learned a lot from her too!  There was a group of 7 of us and we all agreed that Sarah is the BEST!  If we return to Oahu we will definitely find Sarah again!  In our opinion it is one of the "must dos" on the Island!
Lisa A.,  Ballet Dance Instructor

I really liked having the lesson on the beach at sunset because it made it so much more special and memorable.  I also liked that there was a story behind each movement. My lesson made me feel excited like I was doing something that most people don't get to do when they visit Hawai`i.  I would definitely recommend it to others.
Erin M.,  Learned a hula in 30 minutes, only ballet dance experience

Yesterday, my parents invited us to a dinner party.  There, my mother (who is 72 years old) said how pleased she was in Honolulu with you.  She said you are very beautiful and bright, and taught hula very kindly.  And you took my parents to their hotel by your car.  Thank you very much for all your efforts with them.  Thank you again.  If you have a chance to come to Japan, please let me know.  I am willing to escort you to good places.
Dr. Shumei Murakami, Osaka University Professor

I got an email from a listener from BIG CORPORATION, Japan.  He said all the employees were enjoying watching the first hula of the company president.  They loved their president more because his hula was so cute!
Reiko R., Studio Rim Hawaii Radio

I am learning hula for the first time. Sarah's teaching is very good and her English is easy to understand.  Putting the hula song information on the internet was a good idea because I can look at it later in Japan. I really want to say thank you.  I want many people to have the chance to learn hula from Sarah.
Shiho Y., Learned a song in 4.5 hours, no hula experience  

My only experience dancing hula is from taking one free lesson at a shopping center when I came to Hawai`i. I decided to dance hula at my wedding because I heard it's common for Hawai`i local brides to dance hula on their wedding day.  

On my wedding ceremony day, my family, relatives and friends were overjoyed and so overwhelmed with emotion that some of them cried.  I didn't know that I could communicate such deep emotions from dancing hula.  I was so happy.
Mina P.,  Learned wedding hula in 3 hours, little hula experience

It was great - Excellent!!  Sarah is so bubbly - I loved her -
Kathy B.,  Dance Instructor.  Learned 2 songs in 1.5 hours

Sarah was great-she taught quickly but thoroughly according to our learning speed.  Thank you for such a great experience!  I would highly recommend this to anyone:  the one-on-one experience is something you can't find anywhere else!
Tamika P.,  Celebrated her mom's birthday by learning hula together

Sarah is a good teacher. She was full of knowledge for her craft, hula. She was kind and patient with a cheerful persona. I highly recommend Sarah.
Jamey L., Dance Instructor.  Learned a hula song in memory of her father


Sarah, thank you so much for joining us again on Saturday.  You made my wedding day even more special.  You are so beautiful inside and out, and your dancing is mesmerizing.  I'm so happy I happened upon your website just days before the wedding.  Yang and I finally got a chance to release the flowers from our leis into the ocean.  Thanks for that piece of advice too!  I hope I get the opportunity to meet you again in the future.  Malama pono a hui hou! :)
Yemi, hired Sarah for group bridal hula lesson, then hired her again for her wedding hula show

Thank you once again for helping make our special day complete! We really enjoyed the entertainment and participation hehe.  Thanks for the kind words!!  I will definitely look you guys up on fb and recommend xoxoxo Ilona H.

You performed at my wedding! I just wanted to say that it was truly a magical and beautiful performance! Thank you so much for making our day so special! Our guests truly had a spectacular time learning hula!  Love, Grace and Roger H.

Got to thank you again for the greatest hula dancing ever!!! You dance so gracefully on stage. I could not have asked for a more beautiful dancer than you. You have such a great attitude and happy disposition. Keep on smiling!!!  Hope that we get the chance to work together again soon. Again, Thank You!!    
Dean G., Hired Sarah for a Don Ho Tribute Show at Ala Moana Center Stage


ALOHA Sarah,

I was attracted to the elegant choreography that you danced. I'm very happy to get this wonderful choreography because this song is my favorite one. I deeply appreciate it. I will practice a lot to be able to reach your dance.

S-ko, Ordered 1 custom hula choreography video download, then wrote this review and ordered 8 more

Based upon my specifications, Sarah was able to create and produce two excellent specialty Hula Dance DVDs in the space of one week.  Sarah is intelligent, adaptable, creative and a pleasure to do business with.  Mahalo, Sarah!
Ping Chun, Ordered 2 custom hula choreography DVDs