Please enjoy these videos.  Many were taken by wedding guests and provided to us as a token of how much they enjoyed our wedding entertainment.  The four videos below are samples of utilizing music that moves your heart to dance SUPERHERO HULA.  The goal is to dance a different ending to empower and liberate yourself.  These videos are closed captioned [CC] for the hearing impaired and for the convenience of those on-the-go (with the exception of the first one, so as not to distract from the cinematographer’s beautiful moving artwork.)

If you don't find your favorite song below, you may purchase from this list of pre-choreographed Hula dances or order your own custom hula video download/DVD!

Sometimes, as with the video below, the music simply does not match hula steps.  In this case, we often do Tahitian dance.  Please know that Hula originates in Hawai`i, and Tahitian dance originates in Tahiti.  It's very different!

Dance a different ending to your story with SUPERHERO HULA!

English Hula Dances
Blue Hawaii Hula Lesson (Audience Participation)
Couple's Contemporary Hula Lesson
Hanalei Moon Luau Show (with ukulele musician)
Hawaiian Wedding Song Hula (Client Performance)
Hawaii 5-0 Tahitian client (on Nancy Grace Show)
How to Hula: The Ipu
Little Grass Shack Hula Performance
Rhythm of the Islands Hula Show
Sophisticated Hula Lesson
Waikiki Hula Performance
Wedding Hula Performance
White Sandy Beach (Japan Make-a-Wish)

Hawaiian Hula Dances
`Akaka Falls (with ukulele musician)
E O Mai (Hula On-Demand DVD clip)
Haleiwa Hula Lesson (with Pu`ili, second song)
Hi`ilawe Hula Show (with slack key guitar musician)
Holei Luau Show (with ukulele musician)
Ipo Lei Momi Hula Performance (Japan)
Kawailehua`a`alakahonua Luau Show (with ukulele musician)
Koke`e (with slack key guitar musician)
Lâ`ieikawai Hula Performance (Japan)
Lu`ulu`u I Na Ua Nui O Hanalei Hula
Maunaleo Hula Lesson
Nani O Kaua`i Hula Lesson
Noho Paipai Hula Performance (second song)

Pua Hone Wedding Hula (enjoy the video bomb ;) )
Pua Lili Lehua Hula (Client Performance)
Pua `Olena Hula Lesson
`Ulupalakua Lesson 
Wähine `Ilikea Hula Lesson (dedicated to Japan Earthquake survivors)

Tahitian Dances*
Heiti Vaihi Tahitian Performance (second song)
Hotel BoraBora Tahitian Lesson
Jungle Otea Performance (Japan)
Polynesian Luau Show (Live Drummers & Fire Knife)
Tahitian Dance Video
Tahitian Basic Step Video Bomb ;)

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